Apple's Recent iOS 13.1 announcement

 In a recent announcement accompanying the launch of iOS 13.1 Apple will notify customers via a message on their lock screen that reads “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display” after repairs. So far this will only affect iPhone models 11 and above. This includes the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. This message only remains on the lock screen for 4 days. 

I have listed a link to the source article from one of our channel partners and industry experts at iFixit:

iFixit Article

Why would Apple do this? As a former member of the CTIA Leadership Council for wireless repair, I have heard the concerns of OEM’s and carriers alike in regards to our industry. Regardless of who works on a device, it is still a device representing that brand and that carrier. As such its performance and consumer safety are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Even more important to them though is the money lost via trade-in programs and returned devices that have poor components installed. I think that Apple wants to clean up the secondary market and cull out the rift raft of sketchy second-hand device dealers. 

The Bad: OEM parts will give this message unless the company doing the repair has the software to pair the display to the board. This may deter some consumers from seeking repairs at unauthorized facilities.

The Good: I believe the overall result of this will be positive. It forces everyone to play on level ground(No more sketchy techs claiming to use OEM Apple Parts). It will raise the overall quality of components, and it is an opportunity for us to share the unique processes we go through to ensure the quality of our components.

As an industry, we have a responsibility to hold ourselves and our peers accountable. If we do that and hold ourselves to the highest standard we will build a bond of trust with OEM Partners. I genuinely believe they are not out to stop repair. As an industry, if we conduct our selves with integrity we can bridge this gap. Apple and other OEMs need partners in the field. They don't have the capacity or reach to cover their customer base. We do, and if we do it well then it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. 

*Source* iFixit.com 

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