Don't Check Out When it Comes to Checking in!

We are always talking with repair shops about how to maximize tickets and how to maximize value. The two things that often stick out the most are lack of upselling and failing to gather vital customer information. 

How many customers does the average repair shop see a day? What does that equal over a year? How much money is spent to get someone in the door? What does it cost you to gather that customer's information? 

Question 1: The average repair shop sees around 10 unique transactions a day 

Question 2: That is around 3,650 unique customers per year

Question 3: We have calculated the average cost of acquiring a customer for a repair shop at around $6.75 (Google ads, Social media, signs, wall clings, flyers, etc) 

Question 4: It doesn't cost you anything and it's clear to see how this creates enormous value over time. 

This information allows you to do several things:

1. Check-in and maintain ticket integrity

2. Follow up to ensure customer satisfaction 

3. Build a marketing funnel

We are going to talk about number 3 here today. By taking this information and storing it in your CRM you can send out promotional emails, texts, mailers or even phone calls. 

This is the most underutilized aspect of the POS systems that we have available to us nowadays. The value of the information one can gather from a customer cannot be understated. A customer funnel is a very important aspect of your business that includes: Great reviews, customer referrals, and increased knowledge of current promotions within your store. All of these drive traffic. 

Referrals are a fantastic way to increase revenue. Even incentivizing your current customer base with accessory or repair discounts helps tremendously. Let your very happy customers work for you in a sense. 

Knowledge of promotions using email or text can be beneficial in driving additional revenue within your location. You may want to run an accessory bundle special, and that customer who had a great experience in your store now knows about it and is more likely to visit you. The reality is 53% of iPhone users have more than one case. Why not one of yours? Repair specials are included in this as well. If you couldn't upsell a battery repair with that customer when they came in the store, maybe this is the reminder that their battery has seen better days. 

Give your customer a call or a text a few days later to see how their (insert repair here) is treating them. Remind them of the referral opportunity and thank them for their business again. 

Of course, All of this isn't possible without a great customer experience that allows you to obtain vital information: email, phone number, and address. Do this each and every time and you will see great dividends when marketing your current specials 

Companies pay a lot of money for customer info this day and age, so why not do it for free with the customers who are willing to do business with you!




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