Effective Approaches to Growing Your Business!

We, here at ION, are in constant discussions with our clients on how to grow their business. We take dives into referrals, great customer service, and quality work.

            Owners often miss the opportunity around being a face in the community and networking with business owners and establishments within the community to put your very useful skillset to work for them. We have some helpful tips and hints that maybe haven’t been thought of or forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of your day to day operation.

            Chamber of Commerce is usually looked over within the community and can be a great asset in securing business accounts to increase month over month revenue. These meetings are way to engage other small business owners and to create connections that could reap great benefits to your business. The immediate ROI cannot be understated with this opportunity. It is usually a small investment and does not take much time away from the store. Chambers often have before work hours and after hour meetings for networking, giving you the opportunity to root yourself within the business owner community. This is also a form of marketing that allows the small investment to do the advertising for you!

            Reach out around you! Take some time during slow hours to walk around to surrounding businesses with business cards to introduce yourself and your skillset. Surrounding businesses have been proven to gain great benefits for repair shops in the form of multi device work orders and referrals from employees of said business to customers of that business. This includes: Doctor’s offices, minute clinics, larger landscaping companies, and other businesses that may use multiple mobile devices.

            Join in on job fairs and community festivals! Make your presence known! Encapsulating yourself within the community allows lines of communication to be open around your shop being the go to place for anything when it comes to repair, accessories, and device sales! Many business networking events involve fundraising or volunteering. For people who are shy when meeting new people, these are often the most comfortable events to attend. Everyone is attending for the same reason, and the event’s sole focus is not business networking. It’s an ancillary benefit of doing good.

You can become a magnet which attracts people and resources if you invest the time and energy necessary to develop a strong network of contacts. Business networking requires a leap for many professionals. Depending on your personality, meeting strangers and greeting people that you hardly know can be stressful and even - scary.

Walking into a group of strangers, extending your hand and introducing yourself can be daunting for many. Others love the experience of meeting new people and plunge into business networking events with eland and skill. No matter where you fall on this continuum, you can improve your networking skill and comfort. It’s worth it for your business and for the opportunity to give and receive assistance.

It takes repetition and practice to become comfortable with networking effectively, but practice makes perfect! There are a lot of opportunities in every city for those few big accounts and that will bring in great revenue month after month!

Reach out to us if you would like to give some feedback or have some open dialogue around this aspect of your business! Don’t forget to check out our website for updated pricing and expanded part portfolio!



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