Product Spotlight: Anti-Theft Security Dock

We have set out on a mission to help stores increase sales and profits. Each week we are introducing products and services that will add value. This week we want to help you increase device sales. One of the fastest ways to convert sales is to get customers hands-on with the product and one of the biggest concerns of letting customers hands-on with products is theft. We are excited to announce that we are now offering Anti-Theft Security devices. So get those beautiful tables ready to show off all of those new devices in time for summer and keep them safe with a security device. They will be able to support all phones, tablets, and computers. They have multi-point trigger system to set off the alarm if any connection is disrupted or if someone attempts to remove the system from the table. For false alarms, each system will include a remote to disarm the siren. 

We have ones made for Phones and can be ordered with Lightning, USB Type C, or Micro USB cables.  

For tablets, we have a larger dock surface and the same array of cables as we do for phones. Lightning, USB Type C, Micro USB

We also have an anti-theft device for laptops, desktops, and it can be used universally for any device. 

All of our Anti-Theft Devices use multiple triggers to prevent theft. They are attached to the table surface and if removed it will trigger the alarm, the device is disconnected it will trigger the alarm, and if the system is unplugged it will set off the alarm. 

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