Top 4 Ways to get More From Your Door

1. Store front Maintenance
There are some basic front of the house things that we see retailers miss all of the time. So we are not going to pull any punches today. If you have thin skin, or if are afraid to take a look in the mirror then skip to item two. First and foremost if you want more door swings you must have your "OPEN SIGN" on, lights on (not just some of them all of them), accessory wall well stocked and organized, keep your front of the house tidy, and dust free (and dead bug free). For those that run a tight ship this just seems like common sense, but for a lot of 1 or 2 man operations these things can go lacking as people key in and focus only on what they are good at; such as repairing devices and other aspects of the business go lacking. Below we have broken out some things to focus on and why they are important. 

Open Sign- People don't know if you are even open when your sign either doesn't work or is off. Part of the problem with this and many of the other areas that go lacking is that many shop owners/managers don't arrive until right at time to open. Instead get there 30 min early and knock out all of your shop upkeep, ordering, and cleaning.

Lights- Yeah we get it the power bill is high, but you are a consumer facing business and so presentation is everything (same reason why you must run heat and air). When your lights are not on or not working it makes the store feel dark, cold, and cheap. Beyond normal lighting you should probably have spotlights for your displays and accessory walls. Think of the feeling when you walk into a great retail space. You need to do your best to recreate that vibrant lighting in your space.

Stock- You can't have every accessory that is made, but you can make sure that all of your hangers are organized, amply stocked, and up to date. It's important to constantly cycle new inventory in. One cool strategy we have seen stores do is to have a monthly clearance sale where all old inventory and slow moving inventory is marked down to cost and liquidated. It drives massive amounts of traffic and helps you unload inventory that wouldn't have moved otherwise. 

Cleanliness- This should be apart of your morning routine. Walk the store carefully making sure to sweep, dust, reset any magazines or books, water plants, check the bathrooms and make sure the commodes are clean, toilet paper and paper towels are stocked, mirrors clean and wipe down the store front windows inside and outside weekly. I know it can seem daunting, but if you make a daily task chart it will become just a normal routine.

2. Go the "Extra" Mile
How are you reaching out and connecting to your customers? How do they find you? How can you increase your ticket values when they do find you?

Expand your stores reach by being involved in your local community. Get creative with this because the options are endless.  Are few of our favorites are: offering free seminars or technical training to schools and local governments, becoming a member of the chamber of commerce, participating in community events, giving back to local charities. There are countless options and all of them will bring an exponential amount of returns. Be sure to offer B2B discounts for the largest employers in your area as well.

Expand your stores' selection by adding additional services and skus. You service mobile devices, but your skill set reaches beyond just phones and can be applied to a wide range of tech. Use those skills to synergistically bring more customers to you. Maybe they are looking for a new sound system for their car or new smart lights for their house. That is a customer that now knows you repair devices as well.

When it comes to finding customers and helping them find you the internet is your friend. You can target specific customers with specific ads. You need to be on facebook building a local tech community to exchange ideas, encourage tinkering, and share knowledge. It doesn't have to stop at facebook though. Build out your market exposure using google, facebook, linkedn, instagram, tik tok.

While the internet is awesome; sometimes the easiest way to get door swings is old fashioned. Put a street sign out in front of your business to make sure you are visible from the road and the side walk. 

3. Be available
So many stores run on 1 or 2 people operations which makes this difficult, but others just don't see value in having someone up front. I can tell you first hand it makes a huge difference. If nothing else make a window that looks into the back. That allows you to see your customers and vise versa. It's important for customers to feel like someones home when they walk in. This is not only true of a physical presence but online too. Set up your website (You absolutely need a website) and facebook page with messenger so customers can contact you directly. Remove the barriers of access for your clients.

4. Employee Training
So often we get caught up with the technical side of our work we forget how to teach our techs to interact with people. How to up sell, make people feel comfortable, and properly check them in. Back of the house work can get dirty but front of the house has to be pristine. How a customer is greeted and spoken too can mean everything. Employees should be clean, well dressed, and have appropriate mannerisms. We can also forget to make employees feel like part of the business. They are our first line of brand ambassadors and have a large capacity to drive business to you.

If you want more help with any of these things send us and email at sales@ionparts.com and be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on facebook.

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